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Introducing a New Anthem

Renowned world leaders such as President Obama, President Biden, Oprah Winfrey, The Pope, Nelson Mandela, and many other world leaders have all met with and supported Fred Nassiri's mission. As a celebrated singer, songwriter, and philanthropist, Nassiri's work has been complimented by these leaders, his inspiring journey captured in the extraordinary photos you'll find here. We invite you to peruse this gallery, a testament to the impact and reach of Nassiri's impactful endeavors.

Yes We Can: A New Anthem

We are delighted to introduce "Yes We Can," an inspiring anthem written by Fred Nassiri, influenced by the powerful words of President Barack Obama.

Conceived as a modern replacement to the dated Star-Spangled Banner, "Yes We Can" is brought to life in this dynamic music video featuring President Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Kennedy, and other distinguished American leaders.

Nassiri's song brings a much-needed message of unity and hope.

Contact Us

Ready to join us in amplifying our harmonious message of world peace? We invite you to get in touch. Fred Nassiri has a rich catalogue of potent and timeless songs that range from a new, festive Happy Birthday anthem to profound meditative and spiritual reflections.


We invite you to enjoy this dynamic video of American unity and inspiration, and look forward to hearing from you.

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